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Dr. David Dighton started oil painting when he was a junior doctor in the early 1970s. He spent most of his life as a physician and cardiologist. He was happy to retire after disagreeing with how medicine is practised and controlled in the UK. He is now in his late 70s with nobody to direct what colours and shapes he uses in his artwork!

After a brief rest of 50 years, he has started painting again. His principal style is abstract symbolism – shapes that mean something.

As a student of science all of his life, he believes in objectivity and the methods that can reveal how reality works. Science itself does not aim to add to reality, although its many spin offs have eventually.

Art is different. It immediately adds something new and unique to existing reality. The creations of artists exist nowhere else other than where they choose to create them.

The aesthetic decisions made by artists, defining the form and aesthetic of their work, is one of his fascinations. What makes them ‘right’, appropriate, pleasing, and acceptable to those who would choose to own them?

He explores this question in all of his work, sometimes choosing to adapt the colours and forms to the taste of others. This has led to him to produce occasional bespoke work.

Not all of his original art is for sale, but limited edition Giclée prints are available to order.

Those interested in buying or commissioning a painting can contact him directly.

Please use david@uniqart4u.co.uk as your initial contact.

About the artist

Dr. David Dighton